“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children” - Nelson Mandela

The Child Rights Club(CRC) aptly follows this. CRC focuses on the rights and protection of the children. These rights encompass freedom of children and their civil rights, family environment, necessary healthcare and welfare, education, leisure and cultural activities and special protection measures.

The CRC classes are conducted on every Thursday between 2-15 and 3-15 p.m. by the teachers of child rights club. Children from class 6 to 9.a,m. are the members of this club. They enthusiastically participate in the discussions held with regard to their rights. Awareness is created on child abuse ,fundamental rights of the children, violence against children etc.

Awareness is created through debates, by showing short movies, interactive games and other activities. Children are encouraged to express their views on any given situation. They are divided into groups and asked to analyse the given scenarios. They are motivated to bring out suggestions and solutions.

Children are enlightened on their basic rights, right to protect themselves from physical and sexual abuse. They are made aware of the child protection policies and help lines. Interactive discussions are held on gender discrimination and generation gap. As part of their right to relax and play, they are taken for an educational trip every year.



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