Parents Day

Dear Parents

I am extremely happy to welcome the chief guest of the day ,our beloved Physical education Teacher , now retired but always a part of  our school ;Mrs Zavera Shahuna ,   to our PARENTS DAY. Mrs Shahuna is a resourceful an

Parents day

Dear  Parents

 A warm welcome to the Chief guest of the day Mrs. Anu Alagappan   and our dear Parents .

 Mrs Algappan   whom I always fondly call Anu has served the school for many years as the  PTA secretary .Under her

Car Rally

Gearing up to go….

The country’s first formula one racer Narain Karthikeyan and the famous film personality Mr. Arjun flagged off the Alumni car rally on February 6th . The rally was a part of the ongoing centenary celebration of Sa

Inauguration of the new block

Well…. Well   so that is how I was transformed …….into a beautiful school  how glad I was when so many children came to enjoy the fruits of my labour. I was their sanctuary I was their succor  Hundreds of them  studied and played  here

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